DotA 2 Battle Pass 2020 historical surge at $10mn Prize pool in just 48 hours

With an 8-digit prize pool in only 2 days, DotA 2 fans are throwing in some big money for this year's BP.

The much anticipated 2020 Battle Pass for Dota 2 was finally released on May 25th after a year long wait and delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever since its release, Dota 2 fans have kept going crazy about the plethora of exclusive rewards and amazing features included in the 2020 Battle Pass. 

Apart from a bunch of new content like the Guilds and new game modes, this year’s Battle Pass boasts a total of three exclusive arcanas and two all-new hero personas designed to revamp the hero experience. The female anti-mage persona has gained a lot of traction in the community, and that too even before its release.

The amount of love Valve has put into the Battle Pass didn’t go unnoticed, the community has reciprocated the love by creating new milestones for Dota 2. The prize pool for The International 10 has already surpassed 8 digits and is standing over $10,000,000 in just two days, the fastest in Dota 2 history. For comparison, The International 2019 prize pool was standing at about $9,300,000 by the time this year’s numbers crossed $10 million, thus creating a gap of almost $700,000 in between.

While Valve should thank the renowned Saudi Arabian Prince for the huge spike in numbers, if the Dota 2 community can keep this pace up, TI10 is certain to break last year’s prize pool of a whopping $34 million dollars. Valve has also announced a giveaway of 10 Battle Pass levels for free to all the wielders of the pass if the prize pool edges past $40,000,000 which will further fuel the community to spend some extra bucks on it.

Even if the prize pool falls short of $40 million dollars, it would still be enough for Dota 2 to resume its reign at the #1 spot among all esports in terms of prize pool. No other esports tournament currently comes even remotely close to the prize pool The International 9 brags of, and with TI10 setting off to a wonderful start, the numbers are set to increase further.