Valorant Night Market Returns Today

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Valorant players, keep your wallets ready, as it has been confirmed that the Valorant Night Market is set to return to the shooter today.

If you’re a Valorant skin collector, or simply looking to get some skins for cheap, the Night Market is definitely something you should be looking forward to returning.

The Night Market offers Valorant skins at discounted rates for the players to purchase. These discounts can be up to a whopping 50%, which means you can potentially get a Valorant skin at half its original price. 

However, each player is only limited to receiving 6 skins in their Night Market that are revealed once the cards are flipped, and there’s no option to ‘reroll’ or ‘refresh’ these skins. This means, there’s always a chance that you won’t be receiving any skin you like, in which case you’ll have to wait for the next Night Market to arrive.

The only way to refresh the Night Market offers is through purchasing the skins that you get in your initial Night Market. Once you’ve completed a purchase, there’ll be a new skin waiting for you in the Night Market. 

Typically, the Night Market returns to Valorant once every Act, and remains active for about two weeks before disappearing.

Since the Night Market is returning on May 18, players can expect for it to remain in the game until approximately June 1. If you’re looking to top-up your Valorant wallet and grab some Night Market skins, make sure to do so before it disappears. 

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