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Valorant: Night Market returns on May 19

Valorant had brought to the community the first-ever Night Market in their v1.14 patch with an aim to provide the players with weapons at a discounted rate. 

According to esteemed data-miner ValorLeaks on Twitter, Night Market is set to return on May 19 and will run till the 1st of June. This will be the first Night Market of the recently deployed Episode 4 Act 3 patch update.

As we all know, new skin line bundles sometimes cost you a bomb, and here is where the Night Market comes into action. The latter allows you to get either Prime, Deluxe, or other grade weapons at a slightly lower price than their original. Do note: An entire bundle will never be put up on a hefty discount but only a single skin from that specific bundle would be. You’re blessed with a total of six weapon skin cards that can be revealed once flipped. 

Earlier, the Night Market saw the developers tune it with Bad luck protection which would guarantee you some exciting offers. Also, once you flip your cards, you won’t get more than two skins of the same weapon.

The only way you can refresh your weapon skin cards is if you purchase the currently available choices. You have 12 more days left to redeem all of the six offers and as mentioned above, after every purchase, there’s always a new offer exclusively waiting for you.

While the Night Market is basically a shot in the dark, Riot has promised to optimize it in a way that it remains fairly random while catering to everyone’s needs. Skins in VALORANT have been commended for their inventive fine art and players of all titles regard the exertion and detail put into VALORANT skins and for this exact reason, any update related to skins will be something on the better side.

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