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New State Mobile gets Round Deathmatch map and Underbridge in the new update

Krafton, the developer of futuristic style multiplayer online battle royale video game ‘New State Mobile’ has announced the launch of the new patch.

The new update will have the addition of the Round Deathmatch map and Underbridge with the commencement of Season 3.

With the addition of new features, improvements have been made in the May update. Read our article to know the in-depth details about the new features and modes added to the game.

New Mode: RDM

The new RDM map, Underbridge, is now available to the players. Underbridge features 4v4 combat with a shrinking blue zone.

The players can enjoy mid to long-range combat using SRs and DMRs to your heart’s content.

There are watchtowers that can be used to locate the enemy, allowing tactical strategies. The players must pass through the puddle located in the center in order to cross through enemy lines. The following items are provided to players each round:

  • Deployable Shield: Wide Type
  • 1 Frag Grenade
  • 1 Smoke Grenade
  • 1 Poison Grenade
  • 1 Stun Grenade

New Content: Combat Level

A new feature named ‘Combat Levels’ has been added which can be raised by playing Deathmatch (TDM, RDM). The experience is given based on Victory/Defeat, and the player’s performance. A maximum of 100 Exp can be rewarded each time. Although, Players who leave a match do not receive Exp.

New Weapon: M110A1

The M110A1 is a new DMR that uses 7.62mm rounds. It boasts excellent damage and stable recoil, and it has the fastest bullet speed out of all weapons that use 7.62mm rounds. Various attachments can be used on the M110A1 via the scope, magazine, muzzle, and cheek pad slots.

New Action: Carry

A new carry function has been added which can be enabled by tapping on the carry button. It is used to carry knocked-out players and move around and can target both allies and enemies alike. The players cannot shoot over-the-shoulder and ADS while carrying someone or healing items or throwables while carrying someone. Also, the players cannot use some actions like crouching, going prone, rolling, etc. while carrying someone.

New Action: Added a door action when entering/exiting vehicles

When entering/exiting vehicles, the door will now have an opening and closing animation.

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