Valorant: Nanners elevates to Radiant in less than 24 Hours

It took less than 24 hours after the launch of the Valorant’s Episode 2 for Anderson “Nanners” Lutkehus to scale the highest rank in the game, Radiant. 

Valorant still has got its bangs in the FPS Pro scene. Since the former’s launch, we have seen a plethora of players from pro Counter Strike transition to Riot’s brand new First Tactical shooter.

With Episode 2 gone live, Nanners is your first North American to achieve Radiant despite the changes inculcated in the new Ranking system by the game developer where players would calibrate upto Platinum 3 and not beyond it. This indeed is an uphill task to make your way all through to the epitome.

Nanners Valorant

Anderson currently plays for Wichita Wolves, an American Organization backed by CLX Gaming. His notable achievements with Wichita include five championships with two of them at The Thrifty Grind series and a runner up position at the MSI Gaming Arena Open #1.

So far as we have believed, Radiant is only reserved for the best players around the world, requesting a lot of work and perseverance. 

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