Valorant Mobile First look leaked; testing begins in China

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Valorant Mobile is going to be one of the most anticipated mobile games in the upcoming year as Riot is bringing their flagship FPS title to mobile screens. Valorant Mobile was recently confirmed by the game developers and now, its first round of alpha testing has apparently started in China. Here is the first look of Valorant Mobile.

Riot Games released Valorant two years ago and it has created its own spot within the community by competing against the likes of CS:GO. They were fast to capitalize on this success and expanded the Valorant franchise to mobile platform. Danny Intel, a well-known source of mobile gaming leaks, recently uploaded the first look and confirmed that Valorant Mobile testing is now live in China.

Valorant Mobile looks exactly like one would expect it to see on a mobile screen. The loading screen and other things are similar to its PC counterpart with minor changes and the in-game interface looks clean, considering the fact that agents will have active skill buttons that may cause screen clutter. Here is the first look of Valorant Mobile:

The loading screen is quite similar to Valorant and agent selection could be matched with the one available in Wild Rift. LOL: Wild Rift was the first game by Riot on mobile platform and Valorant will be the next.

In the lobby, the start button is shifted to bottom right corner and there are individual buttons for sound control.

We get the first look of Jett in Ascent. The layout is similar to any mobile shooter game and as expected, each skill of Jett has a special button on-screen. The layout can be customizable but players would need to adapt to it before making any flashy gameplays that are usually seen in Valorant.

As the testing has now begun in China, it can be estimated that the development of Valorant Mobile is on the right track and one can expect to get Valorant Mobile on their devices very soon.

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