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Valorant Losers Queue: Is It Real?

The concept of ‘losers queue’ has been floating in the Valorant community since the dawn of the shooter’s release. While fans had no evidence to back it up as of yet, many players continued to believe that the theory behind the losers’ queue is real simply from personal experiences and anecdotal evidence alone.

For the uninitiated, the concept of losers’ queue is that players who are on a losing streak in Valorant are matched with and against other players who are also on losing streaks themselves. 

Popular Valorant streamer and Sentinels star Michael “shroud” Grzesiek commented on the topic during one of his recent livestreams. The clip swiftly went viral in the Valorant community and also managed to garner the attention of Valorant developer ‘EvrMoar’.

Through a Tweet posted on July 23rd, EvrMoar has denied the existence of a losers queue in Valorant.

“Game analytics, for every game I’ve worked on, has shown ‘losing matches consecutively is one of the main reasons players quit’; because of this reason, there is no “Losers Queue” in VALORANT,” the senior competitive designer said.

“The rumor is that we are trying to get you addicted, to get you to play more. I personally do not think this is good for the game, but it also does not meet our goals of just wanting to make a great game that you(and us!) can enjoy.”

The developer has also explained that the ranked matchmaking system in Valorant always tries to match teams who have an equal shot at winning the game.

If you’ve felt that the game is placing you with ‘bad teammates’ simply because you’re on a losing streak, then rest assured that isn’t the case. While you may get teammates who are having bad games every once in a while, the matchmaking should give you a fair shot at winning every ranked game that you play.

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