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Run It Back 3.0 Valorant Bundle Announced

A new Run It Back Bundle for VALORANT has been released by Riot Games, and it includes five distinct weapon skins over the past two years.

Run It Back Bundle will have one skin from a separate collection for each of the skins. The Magepunk and Ion collections are represented in this version of the bundle. Everyone can choose an option they like between the Classic, Operator, Phantom, Stinger and Bucky that are all featured in the bundle’s arsenal.

With Patch 5.01 shaking up the meta with changes to Yoru and Phoenix, Valorant is set to introduce a new ‘Run it Back’ bundle which will feature some iconic weapon cosmetics from the previous iterations of skin lines released as a part of the in-game items. The Run it Back bundle is packed with fan-favorite weapon skins including the Ion Phantom.

The new ‘Run It Back’ skin bundle was revealed by ValorLeaks on Twitter and will be dispatched into the game as a part of the 5.01 patch update.


Priced at 5946 Valorant Points, this bundle will feature 5 weapons which include and the list is as follows:

Valorant Run It Back Bundle Price:

Radiant crisis 001 Bucky
Ion Phantom
Ego Stinger
Magepunk Operator
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic  

The Run It Back Package will be available at VALORANT shops beginning on July 27 and will remain in those shops until August 10, allowing players some time to consider whether or not they want to purchase the bundle for themselves. The bundle’s pricing is unknown, however prior editions can be used as a guide.

Those skins that made up the last two Run It Back collections were rated as Premium grade. It should also be noted that the Ego, G.U.N, Magepunk, Radiant Crisis, and Ion collections are all classified as Premium. This indicates that the individual skins cost 1,775 VALORANT Points ($19.99, and the total cost of the bundle was 7,100 VP.

The price of the bundle will change depending on how many skins from the Run It Back collection the player already has . Due to the lack of a melee skin and only five weapon skins, this bundle is much less expensive than the original Premium Bundle’s price.  The bundle’s price will be decreased if a player already has any of the skins included in it.

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