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GE Mayavi responds to GODL Neyoo’s teamup allegations

Mayavi from Global Esports has came forward with his own explanation on the current issue that is lingering in BGMI community. There have been multiple allegations of teaming up and this one concerns GODL Neyoo saying that Global Esports teamed up with Team Soul on the final day of BMSD 2022.

Neyoo recently came in to the picture when he tried to clear some air surrounding the allegations made against them. S8UL Sid alleged that unnamed rosters had teamed up against them on the final day of BMSD group stage and soon afterwards, Neyoo alleged that Team Soul and Global Esports teamed up against GodLike Esports.

Team Soul did not respond to them but Global Esports has clarified their stance through Mayavi stating that they had not teamed up with any other team but were just trying to take advantage of the situation by targeting them, owing to the third-party situation it can create to help Global Esports secure some extra points.

Mayavi emphasized on the use of word “target” instead of “teamup” and said that it was obvious that Team Soul was going to drop clash with GodLike Esports for the entire duration of the BMSD 2022 finals.

Due to this, Global Esports had decided to take an advantage and enter the fight as an third-party agent. He also stated that before entering the fight, they did not know who they were fighting against.

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