Valkyrae’s reaction to her surprise birthday party in Rust

Popular Streamer and YouTuber Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter was thrown a surprise birthday party by fellow streamers Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Brofain, Jacksepticeye and more.

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Valkyrae, who is usually known for playing the popular multiplayer title Among Us has recently taken a liking to Rust, a survival game that can be played with family and friends alike. Earlier today while playing Rust, she was surprised by her friends who threw her an in-game birthday party and hosted a virtual celebration for her 29th birthday.

They made sure to keep things under wraps until the final reveal while they lured her in the shack where she witnessed a wholesome display of tributes ranging from makeshift cakes and hand-drawn signatures to a Happy Birthday poster, exactly like something one would see in a real birthday party. Valkyrae was overwhelmed in excitement and replied, “Oh my god, this is so cute!” while running around and surveying the room to see what her friends had done to make her day memorable. At one point she even ran away from her own party in a display of humbleness, hilarity ensues when everyone decides to chase her down while celebrating.

Twitter reacts to Valkyrae’s birthday.

Her friends weren’t the only ones who celebrated her birthday, fellow streamers and fans took to Twitter and bombarded the famous streamer with wishes.

This wholesome display is truly heartwarming. Valkyrae’s sudden rise in popularity and viewership can be attributed to her memorable and enjoyable streams because of which she even won the Content Creator of the Year award at The Game Awards 2020.