With the rise in popularity of esports the global audience ofesports is more than 350 million which is expected to grow to more than 450 million by the end of this year. Today esports is a global phenomenon and a potential market of large number of recruits.

Yes, by recruits we mean potential soldiers of future, atleast that’s what the U.S. Army thinks. 

Last year the U.S. Army launched a pilot project where they tried out more than 6500 active and reserve soldiers for the Official Army Esports Team. Out of all the candidates the Army picked 16 candidates for its Esports team.

This year the Army also purchased an 18 wheel trailer filled with high tech gaming accessories and equipments for immersive gaming experience. The trailer was recently featured at the Association of the U.S. Army conference held in Washington.

The reason for the Army to form an Esports team is to look out for potential recruits for Army among the esports audience. Since esports is on rise and can be accessed anywhere at anytime the reach will be far greater which might interest players to join the Army.

“We are a competitive gaming team, and we’re in direct support of the recruiting effort” said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Jones, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the Army esports squad.

I’ve been an avid World of Warcraft player for over 15 years — before I got into the Army. And I’ve been playing since I’ve been in the ArmyWe’re telling the story behind the uniform. We’re gamers just like everyone else. We just have a different chosen profession.”

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