After the tremendous triumph of PMCO Spring Split 2019, PUBG Mobile fans all around the globe are awaiting this flagship event’s next iteration, the PMCO Fall Split 2019.

Top teams from around the world will be competing for an alluring Trophy and a prize pool of $2.5 Million. The group stages have concluded and the top 24 teams have qualified for the South Asian Regional Finals and are ready to give it their all. Last year’s PMCO Spring Split was won by Team Soul and they went ahead to represent India at the Global Finals in Berlin. Chances are high for history to repeat this year as India’s top squads are all in on this and we might see another Indian team winning the Fall Split Regional Finals this year.

When and Where?

If you wish to catch all the action live in a jam packed venue with fans screaming at the top of their voice to support their favorite squads in carnage filled battles, then head over to KD Jadhav Indoor Hall in Delhi, India the official venue for the Regional Finals. Those who cant make it to the live venue can sit back at home and watch it all unwrap by tuning into PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube Channel. It all begins on 6th of November and will continue for 5 action filled days. The winners of the Regional Finals will advance to the global finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

List of Qualified Teams

The top 24 teams to beat a gruesome group stage have advanced to the regional finals. India will be represented by prominent squads like Team Ind, Team Soul, Entity Gaming, Orange Rock and many more. Here’s a list of all qualified teams alongside their scores:

  1. Orange Rock- 251 points
  2. Mega X- 208 points
  3. XSpark- 194 points
  4. Solti Squad- 168 points
  5. 8Bit- 138 points
  6. Mega Stars- 135 points
  7. Synerge Retribution- 132 points
  8. Maximus X- 131 points
  9. INS- 114 points
  10. Blind- 113 points
  11. Team Soul- 112 points
  12. ORB Official- 106 points
  13. Elementrix- 99 points
  14. RIP OFFICIAL- 96 points
  15. Entity Gaming- 93 points
  16. Team IND- 92 points
  17. Reckoning Esports- 90 points
  18. Zero Degree- 88 points
  19. ETG.Brawlers- 88 points
  20. Synerge- 83 points
  21. Mayhem- 82 points
  22. Nepali Ho Ni- 82 points
  23. Godlike- 81 points
  24. TRUSTDPROCESS- 79 points

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