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Kurt0411, a professional FIFA esports player and streamer has been permanently banned after exhibiting inappropriate behavior by spitting on EA Games’ logo. Kurt posted a series of videos on his Youtube channel criticizing EA Games, its employees as well as the company’s overall way of functioning. Things went overboard when during a Twitch stream, Kurt bombarded EA with cuss words and went on to spit multiple times on a scarf with EA’s logo on it.

Kurt was playing a match against HSV Esports’ Nheisen where he managed to claim victory in the final minutes of the match which motivated him to brag his victory to the viewers. DrJarba, another Twitch streamer managed to capture the moment and uploaded it on twitter condemning Kurt’s action and commenting that the ban was rightfully served. Kurt snapped back at DrJarba saying that “Those 50 seconds are better than your whole streaming career”.

Kurt posted an apology on his Twitter trying to explain why he behaved that way but the apology was not serving its purpose. He went on to thrash EA Games further saying that the reason he is being banned from competing at esports events is because the company is scared that he will say something about FIFA 20 being a “broken game”. Instead of contemplating his actions, Kurt worsened things through this apology where he completely missed the meaning of the word ‘sorry’.

EA released a statement stating the exact terms of Kurt’s ban and contemplating his actions calling his behavior as “smack talk”. They also revealed that Kurt had been warned on various past instances about his toxic behaviour with a final warning given on 25 March 2019. Here’s the complete statement:

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This exact kind of obnoxious behaviour haunts the gaming industry but with strict actions against violators of a simple code of conduct, which ensures a healthy gaming environment for everyone is probably the best solution to tackle this prolonged issue.

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