Twitch streamer gets struck by lightning live during Rocket League game

The Rocket League pro was casting a game live when she was struck by lightning through her controller.

While live streaming a Rocket League game on Twitch, Jaime “Karma” Bickford was struck by lightning on stream, leaving hundreds of her fans in shock afterwards.

A Twitch clip captured the incident as it happened during the live stream. The Rocket League pro was casting a game on stream when, all of a sudden she started screaming. The initial scream was followed by more short screams of pain. 

While the viewers could hear sounds of the thunderstorm happening at that time, they were clueless and incredibly concerned about what had happened to her at first. Karma explained the situation to her stream soon, which was also captured in a subsequent clip.

She updated her fans on her condition after consulting a doctor. “UPDATE: talking to doctor, hands are burned and controller is broken,” she said through a tweet.

This sort of incident is extremely rare, but yet extremely concerning. While Karma only took some burns in her hands, it’s quite obvious that the worst case scenario in a lightning strike can be disastrous, and sometimes may cause instant death.

Karma’s fans across the world are sure to be rooting for her speedy recovery, so that she can get back to professional Rocket League once again.