On June 27th, James banks raised several allegations of harassment and blackmailing against renowned esports host and caster, Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner. His agency, Code Red was also alleged with similar accusation by Banks, who’s a known face in the Counter-Strike scene.

Banks alleged that Redeye has abused his position of power in the esports scene and “has done some incredibly horrible and disgusting things” to him and others in it. He also termed Redeye as a “disease to the esports scene.”

The accusations extended upto him claiming that Redeye had harassed him out of the esports scene, and specifically contacted Tournament Organizers and asked them to not hire Banks.

Furthermore, Banks also claimed that Redeye and his agency Code Red repeatedly blackmailed Banks and journalists to not disclose any information on this regard.

Soon after the accusations were put forward by Banks, Redeye denied the majority of it and mentioned that he was consulting “legal representation.” A detailed statement addressing the allegations followed soon after.

About three days later, Redeye announced that he was calling it quits to esports, ending his 18-year-long career in the scene. “Following the attacks made on my character over the last few days, I have decided to walk away from esports,” Redeye said through a tweet.

In his statement, he mentioned that these accusations, which are “a mix of truths, half truths and falsehoods” had negatively affected his life, almost pushing him to the brink of committing suicide. He said that stepping away to deal with his issues is the only way of his survival.

“I will no longer be hosting esports events or continuing a public life in esports,” Redeye said. “I have resigned as Managing Director of Code Red with immediate effect.”

Before concluding his statement, he issued an apology to those who he had done wrong.

“I would like to offer those who I have not treated very well an apology,” he said. “I never intended to upset you and hope that you have long and successful careers.”