Monitors are not limited to just a PC set-up. Monitors can also be used to connect to a laptop or console to get the maximum out of other devices. With EX270Q, that has multiple connectivity ports, you can unleash a plethora of options when it comes to gaming or entertainment. Apart from having high refresh rate, low response time and FreeSync support, this gaming monitor comes with one of the greatest features in eye-care as well as audio-visual. Let us find out the features.

Eye-Care technology – B.I.+

Be it a movie marathon or a full-day of gaming, we need to take care of the eyes. What can be better than the display device being sensitive to this issue and taking automatic measures to maintain eye-health?  EX2780Q Gaming Monitorcomes with BenQ’s proprietary Brightness Intelligence Plus(B.I.+)Technology that makes the monitor automatically adjust its brightness based on the lighting conditions around you. Having a constant screen-brightness in varying lights puts strain on eyes. Like a dim screen in well-light room or too bright screen in dim-lit room will strain the eye because the eyes will have to adjust in order to let optimum light enter it.Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) Technology adjusts the monitor’s screen brightness by detecting the light in the room via sensors. There by take the onus of eye-health care for you while you just focus on your game or long hours of entertainment.

Best Picture Quality with HDRi

Apart from the eye-care technology, EX2780Q delivers extraordinary picture quality with its HDRi feature. It is BenQ’s proprietary technology and makes details in dark or merging colors prominent. HDRi is to offer intelligent on-screen adjustments. Its intelligent clarity adjustment satisfies you with the clear and realistic details in the dark by maintaining on-screen clarity. And intelligent brightness control plus emulated HDR make stunning images out of brightened details in the dark scenes without overexposure of the brighter parts. You will also experience more saturated color on EX2780Q. HDRi makes EX2780Q a class-leading gaming monitor for its excellent visual performance.

Best Sound Quality with treVoloChannel Speaker and Sub-Wooofers

Gaming and entertainment are experienced by visuals and sounds. BenQ EX2780Q delivers both. It is equipped with 2.1 Watt Channel treVolospeaker and 5W sub-woofers. Thus, any audio experience with the monitor will be precise – be it playing a console/PC game or watching a movie. Be ready to be in treat wit this monitor. Simple sounds like gun shots in game or fight scenes in Movies can be felt as if you are there in the scenario.

Advanced features for gaming

The monitor comes with 144 Hz Refresh Rate and 5ms response time that are enough for normal gaming. However, someone wanting to take up gaming (eSports) seriously must opt for higher response time monitor in the Zowie Range by BenQ. Having said that, EX2780Q is still a decent enough option with its Black eQualizer and Color Vibrancefeatures. Black Equalizer makes the shadows of the enemy visible even in the dark regions so that you can identify them for the kill. Color Vibrance also helps in clear demarcation of colors so that a camouflaged enemy is caught timely without losing life or getting attacked.

Add-Ons to the utilities

EX2780Q, like few other monitors, comes with a remote control to take control of the features from a distance. This comes in handy while watching a movie from a distance on your bed and changing settings or adjusting volume of movie. There is a volume wheel that helps you adjust the sound precisely as per your needs. The monitor is elegant and enhances the room décor with its minimalist design and border-less screen. The Cable Management system leads to a clean and clutter-free work space or work desk. Included ports are a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, DP 1.4, USB-C (DP Alt Mode and 10W PD) and an AC power input (internal power converter).

If you are looking for a monitor for gaming and entertainment, this is the right choice for you. You will get a complete package with fundamental gaming features and enhanced entertainment features like treVolo Speakers, HDRi. The B.I.+technology is like a cherry on the cake because of which you can work/play/entertain on the monitor without hesitation and harming your eyes. For the Gaming professionals, you might want to consider higher end gaming options in Zowie, rather than BenQ because this monitor has 5ms response time. However, console game players and PC gamers can still manage with EX2780Q. Get your hands on the monitor!

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