Félix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the most popular personalities on the streaming platform Twitch with a follower count of over 3.2 million. The former professional Overwatch player is reportedly being picked up by Luminosity Gaming from Sentinels as a streamer, according to sources at esports talk.

Signing xQc is undoubtedly a big step for Luminosity Gaming, considering the amount of popularity the 24-year-old streamer has faced on Twitch recently. His recent Fall Guys’ streams have regularly rocked great viewer counts. His VALORANT streams had also gained quite the traction among viewers, especially during the closed beta stage of the competitive shooter by Riot when the beta keys for the game used to drop through Twitch.

The past of xQc isn’t entirely free from controversy, though. The French-Canadian streamer has previously been banned multiple times on Twitch for showing NSFW images live on his stream, one of which was in 2019 while two were in 2020. He was also involved in a controversy with the Overwatch League, and had his account suspended twice for violating Blizzard’s ToS.

Recently, Luminosity Gaming have also signed quadriplegic Fortnite player Rocky “RockyNoHands” Stoutenburgh. However, the signing of xQc hasn’t been confirmed by the organisation as of yet.

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