Trainwreckstv wins Code Red Among Us championship

among us

The Code Red Among Us tournament has come to a conclusion, and popular Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv has been crowned as the winner.

The Code Red Among Us championship which was hosted by featured twenty popular Among Us streamers like xQc, Train, Soulja Boy and Adept engaging in a battle of wits and deception against each other for a first prize of $5,000. 

The tournament was set in a format of two groups where the first four players from each group would advance to the finals. The winners of the groups were determined through the total number of points accumulated by the participants who had to earn points through voting, killing, and winning games.

Getting a correct vote as a crewmate awarded the players with one point while winning a game as a crewmate awarded them with three. As an impostor, players would get one point per kill and five points per win.

Trainwrecks topped the finals with a massive score of 70 points, with Jane ‘n’ Blake and xQc trailing behind with 64 and 59 points respectively. While Train took home the first place prize money of $5,000, Jake managed to win $2,000 followed by xQc at $1,000.

Among Us is a local and online party game developed by InnerSloth. It was originally released back in 2018 but failed to gain much traction until recently. The game of stealth, deception and lies rose to fame through the hands of popular streamers and YouTubers who picked up the game just before August 2020.

Ever since then, it has been a steady uphill climb for Among Us, which is currently one of the top titles on Steam and is often seen leading the charts of Twitch in terms of viewer count.