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XQC attracts backlash after heated argument with 5UP in Among Us

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Among Us can be an intense game, and can often cause heated situations among the participants, which isn’t that surprising considering the fact that it’s primarily a game that directly involves lies and deception.

In the crewmates’ hunt for the hidden impostors in the squad, things can occasionally get controversial when players begin to blame each other. However, since it is a casual game meant to be played for fun, things generally cool down swiftly. This wasn’t the case for the Among Us game played between renowned streamers and YouTubers on September 25th. The stream featured popular names like PewDiePie, Summit1g, xQc, 5up, and many others.

The clip is available here:

Things went south pretty quickly when xQc went into “full drama mode” following an argument where xQc was accused of not being able to control his chat. He then accused other “big YouTubers” of intentionally liking comments slamming xQc on their channels and replying to them.

The situation worsened when xQc accused a player of being an impostor without proper justification. Summit1g expressed his frustration towards xQc as the meeting concluded, “Listen, xQc your convincing skills are fu*king awful I’m asking you and you still can’t convince me,” Summit said. “Just please listen. Stop talking.”

The most heated of all the arguments was perhaps when 5UP called xQc and EasyRod for being impostors in one of the games. Even though 5UP was correct, xQc proceeded to slam him by calling him a “dumb as”, but was ejected from the ship regardless. After the game, he continued to trash talk 5UP by claiming that he was spewing “bullsht” when he called xQc out. The argument got to the point where 5UP decided to leave the lobby, which left the other players in the lobby thoroughly disappointed.

5UP later expressed his dissatisfaction with xQc in his stream. “He’s becoming so overbearing, with the amount of power he thinks he has in the game of Among Us,” he said. “The entire lobby becomes a game where it’s no longer ten streamers coming together and having fun entertaining people. It turns into him controlling a game.”

5UP continued, “If he gets it right, he thinks he’s a god, and if people get him out as an imposter, he calls them dogsh*t trash players who got lucky. That’s not good sportsmanship, that’s not the point of playing this game.”

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