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The Last Of Us Subreddit Under ‘Indefinite Quarantine’ After Story Leak

No spoilers but heartbreaks ahead if you’re a fan of The Last Of Us franchise. The developer Naughty Dog just got the shock of their lives when a ‘disgruntled employee’ decided to resolve the issue of delayed payments by leaking the game online.

The storyline of the game was leaked through a YouTube video and spread all across before it got removed. That’s not just enough, the rumor has it the employee decided to leak the entire build because of the apparent mistreatment in the company.

However, the good part is, the savior moderators at the r/thelastofus subreddit have decided to lockdown the entire forum until ‘indefinite’ period. Which means, you can no longer create, submit, comment or any new activity on the subreddit until and unless the lockdown gets lifted.

Folks at the subreddit deserve mad respects for the way they’ve handled the spread of the leak. The genuine fans of the game will, without a doubt buy the game irrespective of the story line leak. However, it does come about as an embarrassment for the whole team at Naughty Dog. The only way the developers and publishers come out on top of this is by launching the game early.

The gaming industry had another major leak not a long time ago when Valve’s two top games Team Fortes 2 & Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s source code was leaked by an employee over a dispute.

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