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Scolded by parents for playing PUBG Mobile, 12 year old kills self in Punjab

The boy allegedly jumped to his death in Bhakra canal, located nearly 500 metres away from his house.

A boy from Punjab’s Patiala district committed suicide after his parents scolded him for continuously playing PUBG during the lockdown. The boy was a 12 year old resident from Bharat Nagar colony, who was a 7th grade student in a private school. The police recovered his body from the Bhakra canal on the Nabha-Patiala road on Sunday.

Photo via PUBGM

Ronnie Singh, in-charge of Model town police station said that the boy was scolded on a regular basis for playing PUBG. His father told the police that from the day the lockdown got implemented, he would play the game for hours daily. On 20th April, when he was scolded for playing the game, the boy got filled with rage and left the home. However, his family members were able to find him and brought him back home.

On the same day, he left his house in the beginning, and could not be found anywhere so the family members lodged a police complaint with Model town police after they failed to find him. The police then began scanning from CCTV cameras that were installed in the area. Footage was found which showed the boy marching down towards the canal. According to Hindustan Times, a team of divers were called but they were unable to find the boy.

On Sunday, the police got informed about a boy’s body that was recovered from the canal near Shutrana. Police officials informed the family regarding the same who then rushed to the spot and ascertained the identity of the body. Based on the statements given by the deceased boy’s family members, the police have initiated inquest proceedings under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. We thought people committing suicide for not given the freedom to play PUBG Mobile was a thing of the past considering how PUBG Mobile E-sports has grown in India in recent years but maybe the reality is totally different from what we expected!


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