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Stranger Things actress “Bluefille” starts streaming on Twitch

Grace Van Dien of Stranger Thing’s fame who plays Chrissy in the latest season of the show is now a Twitch streamer aka BlueFille with Valorant being the primary face of her content.

With Stranger Things back with another season, everyone is eating it up. Having the show gone viral, the cast and crew is attracting a lot of attention making this an idea time grow the popularity of anyone involved.

Van Dien opened her Twitch channel back in January and began her streaming career by playing VALORANT and few other popular titles. After skipping a few months of streaming she is back after the successful launch of Stranger Things Season 4.

According to her last stream, she plans to take it up more religiously and stream on a regular basis. It is safe to say that she is too early into the game, it better not expect professional level of gameplay from her, rather watch it with an eye for entertainment and funny moments which are there in plenty.

With Stranger Things boosting her fame, she has amassed an incredible number of followers in a very little time, which is growing at a very healthy rate. As the year progresses, her channel will only grow from where it is now.

Do drop into to say hello, look for BlueFille on Twitch, that’s where she at.

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