How To Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Error [2022]

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Apex Legends is one of the most popular free-2-play games on the planet now. With more than 350K daily peak players on Steam, the game averages around 120K players any time of the day. With so many players playing the game at different times of the day, the developers need to ensure that the game servers remain online always. 

Sometimes due to some backhand updates or changes the game client might be unable to connect to the servers and will display a “No Servers Found” error when you try to join. In this case, the official game account may issue an announcement about the expected downtime and how long the outage will last. 

Generally, the developers are fast to respond to outage issues and a fix is deployed instantly. In some cases, the issue might arise from the user side where their game client is unable to contact game servers and will display “No Servers Found Error”. While there is no official way to view if the servers are offline, players in the community have figured out some at-home ways to know the cause. 

How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Problem

1. Check your Internet Connection

The most obvious and the first thing to check is if your connection is working or not. Be sure to check your internet connection by visiting 2-3 websites and checking if the EA’s official website or Steam Store is working fine. 

If your connection is fine, then proceed to 2nd step.

2. Change game servers

If your game is fully updated and you still find servers then changing the “Data Center” might fix the issue. Data Center is a term used by EA in place of game servers that you connect your game to. This is the foremost origin point of the no servers found the issue. Therefore, targeting this first is probably the best way to approach the headache in question.  

To change the server, just press the “TAB” key on the home screen or when you load the game. A whole list of all the available servers you can connect to will be displayed and categorized on the basis of ping. Now select the server right below or above your current server by double-clicking. Now the game will reload and try to connect to the new server. If successful you’ll simply see the loading screen advance to the main interface area, but if not, the error bug will come up again.  

Try this step 3-4 times on different servers, and if the problem still persists try other solutions below.

3. Check if Apex Legends Servers are down

Always check on Twitter or Reddit if the game servers are experiencing some problems or if the servers are down. On Twitter simply search for tags related to the game for any activity and on Reddit simply check the latest post on the game’s subreddit

A community-driven website called ApexLegendsStatus might help in finding out if the game servers are experiencing an outage or if the issue is limited to certain regions of the world. The website is a community-driven project where players can come and report about outages they are facing. If a number of reports are received from a particular region or platform the website will display an alert to inform those coming late.  If you don’t see your region or platform having an outage then move to the next step. 

4. Make sure your game is fully updated

In case you are running an older build of the game, the servers will not allow you to get online. Make sure your game is fully updated by simply visiting your respective game launcher like Origins or Steam.

Simply restarting your client will start the auto-update process wait for the update to finish and start the game. Sometimes the servers might remain unavailable right after a new update, so it is advised to wait for some time before going on forums or social media. 

5. Update Windows and/or Restart your Pc

Windows 10 and above are notorious for silently updating the system in case a new update is available. Most of the time the update is skipped for later if the system is in use, but sometimes some updates are marked critical by Microsoft which are downloaded and installed as soon as available. 

Simply check windows update if you have a pending update installing or downloading. If there are updates pending simply let them finish up and restart your pc. If windows recently installed an update and no new updates are available, then simply restarting your pc would complete the process. 

6. Change the game launcher

If the problem still persists then the last step is to change the game launcher. Apex Legends is currently available on Steam and Origins on PC. You can use both game launchers to launch the game, so try to switch the launcher on which you were facing the issue. 

If you are still unable to find servers then the only way forward will be to contact the game support and wait for them to reply accordingly. 

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