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Skyesports reveal format, schedule and more for Valorant League 2020

Boasting a 1 million INR prizepool, Skyesports have released the format and schedule for their flagship event Valorant League 2020.

The AMD Ryzen 5000 series Skyesports League 2020 powered by WD Black is set for sail. The league will not only boast arguably the biggest prizepool for a standalone Valorant event, with 1,000,000 INR on the line, but also feature some of the most prominent faces of the Valorant scene and the esports scene, in general, in what will be India’s first true city based Esports league format.

The show will start on December 4, with Mumbai and Chennai renewing rivalries, this time on the Valorant servers instead of the cricket field.

Mumbai has chosen to field a content-heavy team. But, make no mistake, the team has Ayan ‘Rebel’ Ali, who is handy when it comes to Valorant while Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal has already tasted success in Invitational leagues by winning the AORUS BidWars event. The rest of the team is filled with people who have been grinding Valorant for a hefty period now.

Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur loves the Viper, Tanmay ‘Scout’ Singh is a master when it comes to Breach and Devdeep ‘Zeref’ Dhar excels at playing Duelists. For Team Chennai, they boast 3/5th of Team Tamilas’ Valorant Roster and will be slight favourites going into the match. The second match on December 4 will also provide fireworks.

Team Hyderabad is represented by Velocity Gaming while Global Esports are the flagbearers for Team Bangalore. The two premier organisations will lock horns and aims on December 4 to earn early bragging rights.

The other contenders also pack a punch. Team Delhi comprises of the recently released Noble Esports’ Valorant roster who have now a found new home at XTZ Esports while Team Kolkata is represented by Chetan ‘Kronten’ Chandgude and his GodLike Esports’ Valorant squad.

Rohan ‘Hydraflick’ Ledwani spearheads team Punjab while Rajasthan has the dependable TSM.Entity star Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare and his squad.

SkyEsports League 2020 Schedule

A total of 8 teams will battle it out in a league format, with top 4 advancing to the Semi-Finals, with the dates for the playoffs and the Grand Final yet to be announced.

The tournament is an all-encompassing one, with the matches set to be casted in six languages – Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and English – to ensure fans of every team and from every region can watch their favourites in their own dialect.

Skyesports Valorant League 2020 boasts of the perfect mix of Personalities and Professionals, which will ensure there is something for every type of viewer that is tuning in.

To top it off, the 1 million INR prizepool ensures competition of the highest level between the teams, who will be aiming to come out on top of their adversaries for pure bragging rights, if not just the gargantuan prizepool.

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