Free Fire a battle-royale game developed by Garena and this game offers some quirky features which makes it quite different than the other mobile games available in the genre. One of the integral parts of Free Fire is its vast pool of characters and today, we will take a look at how you can unlock one of the characters named A124 in Free Fire.

As compared to other battle-royale games, Free Fire has its own uniqueness in the form of skins and cosmetic lineup which makes this game a decorative version of any common BR game. Similar to Fortnite, the skins are varied for this game but at the same time, the size makes a big difference as Free Fire is very compact as compared to the former game.

The characters in Free Fire give a touch of uniqueness to this game. Each character in this game has a special ability which assists the users and the team as a whole. While some of the basic characters do not have any interesting abilities, some characters like DJ Alok, Captain Booyah and Jai stand out. The character A124 is also a highly used character in-game and even though it is not as popular as the ones mentioned before, it has its own unique ability that helps in tanking the damage for longer durations in a fight.

A124 is a robot which has a unique active ability named Thrill of Battle which allows her to convert EP to HP with a cooldown duration of 90 seconds. This helps the user to take a little bit more damage than the opponent as they can heal while fighting and hence, have a slight upper hand in terms of health points.

How to get A124 in Free Fire

Follow these simple steps to unlock A124 in Free Fire. These steps are common for any other character as well and players need 499 diamonds to unlock A124. Those who do not have sufficient diamonds can head into in-game shop and purchase some diamonds before trying to unlock A124.

  • Open Free Fire and go to character section provided in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down to A124 and then click on Obtain.
  • A window will pop-up which will indicate a price of 499 diamonds. Make sure to buy the diamonds before unlocking the character.
  • Click on purchase and then, head to the loadout section.
  • Enter the character loadout and select A124.

This is how you can unlock and equip A124 and take the character into the battlefields. Remember to stack the required amount of diamonds before buying the character. We hope you win with A124 and her healing powers.

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