SKRossi’s Heartwarming Message To Fans Supporting Him At VCC

After Global Esports secured a place in VCC Upper Bracket Semi-Finals, we got a chance to catch up with talisman Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar.

Touted as the best Valorant player in India, SkRossi has posted stats that puts him second to none. His flashy and impactful performance has earned him the respect of fans as well as fellow pros which is evident from his fan following.

Having started his journey in Global Esports, one of the top Indian Esports organization, Rossi’s reached the summit of Indian Esports and the team has finally reached a point where they are aiming for international titles. Following an excellent run at the VCC, GE will face their national rivals in VLT in the Upper Bracket Semi-Final in 3 days which will put them a step closer to winning the title given they come out on top.

Heading into their fixture, Rossi had some kind words for everyone who supported him and Global Esports on their journey to the top.

“Thank you fans for supporting me from the beginning and being with me in my ups and downs, trust me I’ll do my best. I’ll be loyal in whatever I do in my life and I know you guys will support me throughout this amazing journey and I won’t let you guys down. Show your support to other players and all the teams out there who are working really hard to be the best and represent their countries. ” said Rossi.

“We all want your support and we love you guys!” he added.

SkRossi looks charged and ready for the tournament. No matter the outcome, fans are definitely in for a treat with all the top teams in the region involved.