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ESPL 2021 Level 3 Day 7, Bangalore Ballistics dominates the final day

On the final day of Esports Premier League 2021, Bangalore Ballistics managed to come out on top, having won all games, they get to keep their number one sport on the table. The franchise-based league system from India Today Gaming, the esports division of India Today boasts a massive 25,00,000 prize pool for the top 8 teams with the grand finals set to take place on 29th August 2021.

Level 1 of ESPL 2021 included a wide range of teams that fought for a place to make it to the top 22 teams from each group. A total of 4 groups, i.e. 88 teams qualified for the 2nd phase where they faced the 8 invited teams. 8 teams out of the qualified ones will make it to the 3rd phase.

The first game saw Delhi Dukes take on Kolkata Kaijus. The Dukes came out on top with 5 classic mode matches ending with a 3-2 scoreline. L3M26 was won by Rajasthan Reapers dominating Hyderabad Hydras with a 4-1 scoreline.

The third game of the ESPL 2021 Level 3 day 7 was edged out by Mumbai Marshals. They took down Chennai Celestials with a 3-2 scoreline. In the last match of the level 3 stage, L3M28 was won by Bangalore Ballistics with a heavily one-sided 5-0 score against Punjab Paladins.

The overall standings is as follows:

  1. Bangalore Ballistics – 72 points
  2. Mumbai Marshals – 66 points
  3. Rajasthan Reapers – 66 points
  4. Hyderabad Hydras – 60 points
  5. Delhi Dukes – 48 points
  6. Kolkata Kaijus – 45 points
  7. Punjab Paladins – 39 points
  8. Chennai Celestials – 24 points

How and Where to watch ESPL 2021 Level 3 matches:

ESPL 2021 Level 3 matches will be broadcasted on multiple platforms for fans to enjoy. The matches will be cased in six languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali. The broadcasts will be available on the YouTube and Facebook channels of India Today Gaming as well as the India Today and AajTak in the links given below.

India Today Gaming YouTube

India Today Gaming Facebook

AajTak Website Home Page

India Today Website Home

Gaming Tak YouTube


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