Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek the ex counter-strike professional and world-renowned streamer had announced in October that he would be leaving popular streaming platform Twitch and moving to Microsoft’s own streaming platform Mixer based on an exclusive streaming contract that he had signed with them.

According a report that surfaced recently by StreamMetrics, Shroud had lost a chunk of his viewers during his exodus to Mixer. The report compares Shroud’s unique viewers on Twitch back in October which was 718,000 to a measly 231,000 unique viewers which he collected on his Mixer stream during November. The report clearly mentions that only 15% of Shroud’s US viewers remained loyal to him and watched him on Mixer while the rest of the 85% do not make the jump to Mixer. It also adds that 47% of Shroud’s US viewership on Mixer in November came from those who watched him on Twitch in October.

According to the report, more than half of Shroud’s November Mixer US viewers were new to Mixer. This meant that 127,000 US viewers who watched Shroud on Mixer, did not watch any Mixer channel in October and were totally new to the platform. Thus, even though Shroud lost a chunk of his viewers in the process, Microsoft had already gained a lot of new users on its streaming platform. It remains to be seen if Shroud can further grow his viewership on the new platform in the coming months, and allow Microsoft to cement Mixer as a powerful streaming platform in the market.

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