Nordavind is a professional Esports organization that was first established back in 2011. It was first known as BX3 esports club but later rebranded into Nordavind on February 9th in 2018 in collaborations with the Norwegian football club Valerenga Football. Nordavind was established in Norway and since 2011 it has gained a wide fan base of Esport enthusiasts. The message that the company sends is that they want to integrate traditional and electronic sports. It is working through the same space as its football club counterpart at Intility Arena.

The team behind Nordavind aims to promote the traditional Scandinavian approaches and merge them together with the demand for the modern esports graphics and imagery. It brings the Scandinavian design virtues to the table and promotes a humble, confident and competent attitude towards gaming.

Nordavind is a Norwegian organization established in 2011 as BX3 esports club which rebranded on 9th February 2018 in collaboration with the Norwegian football club Vålerenga Football.

Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now and more and more people are starting to take them seriously. The betting and bookmakers sites in Norway have always taken the likelihood of the organization and it is easy to understand why. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about the Esport and Nordavind is doing its best to bring awareness to the industry and as mentioned on their website merge the traditional with the electronic.

Nordavind is currently participating in the Fifa eClub World Cup Qualifiers. Currently, 190 teams took part in the online qualifiers but only 24 of them will make it to the top and compete in the Fifa eClub World Cup 2020 in February. Its current team consists of three players and all of them are from Oslo.

Arman Hanjani is 23 and goes by the name Phenom, Casper Notto Petersen is the youngest of the group at the age of 19 and goes by the name Hunterface and Mats Sørum, who is 20 and goes by the name Sakoner. But Nordavind’s most famous player is Magnus Hyper Kistianses, who managed to make the leap and become an integral part of the Norwegian elite in just two years. Magnus was the first person to ever qualify for a FUT Champions Cup and also secured his place at the National Championships.

Nordavind has managed to get all the way to the playoffs, by beating Team Heretics by 2-0 in the latest battle.

Fifa Cup isn’t the only thing that the team is after. They also dominated the Grand Finals of ESEA Advanced for a chance to play in the MDL next season. The team takes great pride in being the only team that managed to not lose a single map all the way through finals. 

This is a great example of how much hard work and dedication goes into the Esport competition and for anyone who is skeptical about it becoming a legit sport should take a closer look at how much effort goes into these competitions. We’ll have to wait till February to find out how well Nordavind will perform in the playoffs but if the ESEA is any indication they have a great season ahead of them.