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Shroud calls Valorant Ranked Mode “Hot Garbage”

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Micheal Grzesiek aka Shroud has some heavy criticism for the matchmaking system imposed by Riot in Valorant, calling it “hot garbage” before asking Riot to fix it.

The ranked mode in Valorant has been subjected to harsh criticism from streamers, pro players, and the player base in general. The limitation placed on the number of players in a lobby in higher ranks was far from appreciated despite the overall popularity of the game.

The forced solo/duo queue in higher ranked games often harms the experience for many. Ever since its beginning in early 2021, players have called for a remedy that is nowhere near. Solo/duo often lands you in a lobby with teammates who are often less willing to give up their comfort zone thus forcing a major luck factor when queuing.

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“Literally, ranked is hot garbage because of this duo queue bulls**t. It’s such a bad dynamic,” the streamer said, expressing his full distaste with the mode’s restrictions and how being forced to play with strangers negatively impacts the experience.

“It’s not fun when you’re playing with randoms, [and] it’s also awkward that it’s duo queue because you have a duo pair, another duo pair, and then you have a solo.”

Most of the players resonate with Shroud, given in ranked games above Diamond 2 will make them play with randoms who often find it uncomfortable and are less willing to communicate and coordinate.

Despite the criticism, Riot has only shown efforts to improve the queueing that will tighten the skill gap and improve the experience for the whole player base in general. Riot has some fair points backing their choice but they are not enough to convince most players of their methods.

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