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Decrypted Data is the latest seasonal currency in Season of the Splicer and is primarily used for upgrading the Splicer Gauntlet through the Splicer Servitor located in H.E.L.M. Upgrading the Gauntlet unlocks various perks and bonuses that make it easier for players to acquire and spend Ether (charges for the Splicer Gauntlet which lets you open chests in the seasonal activity, Override). 

Here’s how you can get more Decrypted Data in Destiny 2.

Level up your Season Pass

Owners of Beyond Light Deluxe edition and Players who have purchased Season of the Splicer separately will have the benefit of receiving Decrypted Data after reaching certain levels in the season pass.

Levels 2, 12 and 32 will grant players 100 Decrypted Data each.

Path of the Splicer Quests

Similar to Challenger’s Proving questline in the previous season, players will get a new quest ‘Path of the Splicer’ which is related to the seasonal story. These quests will show up every week and will reward players with Decrypted Data upon completion.

Players can access the quest in H.E.L.M. by speaking to the Splicer Servitor.

Seasonal Challenges

Each week, players will get 10 Seasonal challenges that grant massive amounts of XP, Bright Dust, Weapons, and more. These challenges have different objectives which require defeating certain enemies or equipping a certain weapon.

However, finishing Hello, World, and Maximum Override in Week 1 will net you 150 Decrypted Data each, adding to a total of 300. It’s a possibility that recurring challenges will provide similar rewards every week and will expire at the end of the season, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete them.

Conflux Chests

Opening the Conflux (blue) chest in Override, the activity for this season will grant you 35 Decrypted Data. Opening a Conflux chest requires a Key Code which can be created in the Splicer Gauntlet using 50 Ether which can be farmed by completing playlist activities such as Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit. The Conflux Chests also grants mods as well as other goodies such as weapons, armor, etc.

This will be your primary source for farming Decrypted Data as the Seasonal Challenges will reset on a weekly basis and opening the Conflux Chests is a much faster method.

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