Only a few hours remain before the third act of Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant hits the servers. However, the upcoming patch seems to be causing some issues in the stability of the game. Riot devs announced through a tweet today that they’ve encountered a rare audio bug on all the maps which they’re working to fix.

Luckily, this won’t delay the release of Act 3. Riot wants to test out their new snow-themed map ‘Icebox’ as soon as possible, so they’re shipping out the Act 3 update anyway while restricting the ranked mode till the audio glitch gets fixed.

Americans will be the first ones to experience the update in under ten hours from now, followed by Asia, Japan, Australia, and finally Europe. The servers will be down for 3-4 hours depending on how long it takes for Riot to fully implement the update.

It isn’t clear when will the ranked mode be back for the shooter, but Riot has promised to fix the issue at the earliest and turning on ranked afterward.

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“We’ll stabilize this patch as quickly as we can, and then turn on ranked,” the devs said.

The ranks of all the players will be reset after the conclusion of Act 2, and their current ranks will be saved as their Act Rank, which will be linked to their profiles.

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