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COD Mobile New Update – Size, Information, Battlepass and more

Call of Duty: Mobile will be pushing its latest update from 12th October which brings new Anniversary and Halloween themed events.

Call of Duty: Mobile has completed its one year anniversary at the start of this month and full scale celebrations are on the way with its new update. COD: Mobile will enter into its 11th season on October 15 and alongside a new season, massive update will be pushed from October 12.

On the occasion on completing its first successful year, COD: Mobile has planned big events that will start with the new update. For some regions, the game has already provided its latest update. The newest update size is 1GB for Android users and upto 2GB for iOS users.

COD: Mobile S11 update details:

Starting from October 12th, the game will start to push updates across Google Play and Apple App stores. The new update will include new modes, events, ranked system changes, new battlepass, attachment changes, new weapons and lots of other stuff.

New additions:

Starting with new game modes, the game will add Pumpkin Confirmed and Cranked mode. First one will be a Halloween themed Kill Confirmed MP mode and second one is a custom mode in which players have to stack kills in certain amount of time and if failed to do so, they will die.

COD: Modern Warfare map King will make its debut in mobile variant with this new update. This map will be available for gun fight and duels. A Halloween themed Standoff map will also be added for a limited time period. New attachments are coming, the information is as follows:

  • New gun perk for Fennec and MW11: Akimbo. Hold a weapon in each hand while ADS is no longer available.
  • New attachment for AK-47: 5.45 Caliber Ammo. Greatly increase fire rate, good for close-range combat.
  • New attachment for HVK30: Large Caliber Ammo. Increase damage to head and upper chest, good for mid-range combat.

Ranked series rewards:

  • New epic blueprint: Kilo Bolt-Action.
  • Dealer-New epic soldier: T.E.D.D. WhereTo Sir?
  • New epic frame: Steeled Frame.
  • New epic calling card: High Roller
  • New epic charm: Season 7

New events:

Halloween themed events are coming alongside the anniversary event. A combination of both is guaranteed to bring in lots of surprises for the players. Alongside events, new items are getting added to the Credit Store.

S11 Battlepass:

The season 11 battle pass will be available from 15th October and this time, premium battle pass is getting loads of rewards and some new features that are coming to the game will be made available through this pass. Here is a list of rewards available via COD: Mobile S11 Battlepass:

  • New Epic soldiers
  • New Epic Blueprints
  • New Legendary Calling Card
  • New base SMG: Fennec. Fennec is a short-range high-speed weapon with high explosive force and large recoil force, which can be modified into dual-holding weapons to enhance explosive power.
  • New Scorestreak: Advanced UAV.


There are several other changes and improvements made to the MP Ranked, BR Ranked, and game mechanics itself. Various things are getting implemented that will enhance the game experience for its players. The loadouts, scorestreaks, and profile systems are also tweaked for a better experience. To go through everything, you can read the detailed patch notes on the official Facebook post of COD: Mobile. Other revelations can be expected with time but till then, check your stores for the update and be ready to experience an even smoother and better COD: Mobile.

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