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Indian Valorant Servers Will Stay In The Asia Pacific Shard: Riot Dev

The Indian servers will be arriving alongside the Middle Eastern and North African servers.

Valorant Act 3 will bring with it a bunch of new features to the competitive shooter by Riot. The changes include a new agent Skye, a snow-themed map named ‘Icebox’, a refreshed Battle Pass with a new rewards line, and a revamped competitive system, Act 3 is also set to bring new servers to North Africa and the Middle East, as previously confirmed by Riot Games themselves in their dev diaries.

The devs also confirmed today that Indian servers will be going live alongside the Middle Eastern servers on the same date, which is enough to lighten up the mood for millions of South Asian Valorant fans who’ll now be able to receive better pings than they did in SEA servers.

In a Reddit thread, a Valorant fan raised the question to the devs, “Do you have any update on Indian servers? The south Asian gamers are really tired of hype and want to have some real update that we can depend upon.”

To which, Riot dev ‘ZealousApathy’ replied, confirming the news – Indian servers will be going live in Act 3, but will remain in the Asia Pacific shard.

“They’ll be online at the same time as Bahrain, but India will stay in the Asia Pacific shard,” the dev said.

The servers remaining in the Asia Pacific shard likely implies that they’ll be experiencing updates at the same time as the South-East Asian servers. For instance, the Asian servers will get the Act 3 update earlier than the rest of the world at 2 pm PDT.

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