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Riot’s Legends of Runeterra set to release on April 30 for both PC & mobile

Riot’s digital card game is all set to see its global release in mobile & pc platforms. Beginning of the new set of cards and a brand new season.

We can clearly see that Riot Games is not only focusing on their PC games such as League of Legends or Valorant but also on their game titles for the mobile platform as well. Last month we saw the launch of Riot’s auto battler “Team Fight Tactics”, now they have decided to launch yet another game titled “Legends of Runeterra”, and their MOBA game titled “Wild Rift” is also in works.

Riot’s digital card game will be launched on 30th of April and it will be available in the Play Store and Apple Store and even on PC platform across all the regions, Riot announced lately. This game will support cross-platform play (PC players can play against mobile players) just like Team Fight Tactics. Since the beta season for Runeterra is about to end, we feel like, with the global release, the new ranked season will start. The players will be able to keep all the content with themselves that they had purchased so far.


However, a Riot account is not needed to play LOR on mobile, but it is necessary for sharing progress across platforms and for cross-platform play. Unfortunately, LOR will not get released in regions like China and Vietnam. Mobile players will get the chance to play the next set of cards coming with the new season (Patch 1.0).

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