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Riot Games hiring hackers to improve Valorant’s anti-cheat system

Riot is reportedly using a hidden message inside one of their anti-cheat files to recruit hackers for improving Vanguard.


Even before the official release of Riot’s tactical shooter VALORANT, they were seen promising to the fans that they’ll aim to create a world-class anti-cheat system to keep the cheater count in the game to a bare minimum. While there were some initial reports of cheaters occasionally appearing in the game, Riot soon began to take stricter measures and started delivering permanent HWID bans on cheaters through a series of ban waves.

According to a recent report by Vice, Riot is apparently recruiting hackers to help improve Vanguard through some hidden messages in the game’s anti-cheat files. The report mentions that Riot has hidden the ASCII art of their logo and a message for recruiting hackers inside one of their anti-cheat files.

Photo: Vice

Here’s the message that is hidden in the file:

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“Protected by packman, a Riot Games product. Developed with <3 by the Anti-Cheat team. We’re always hiring talented individuals. If you’ve found this message, we implore you to take a look at our jobs page and see if anything catches your interest: https://www.riotgames.com/careers.”

Riot has also reportedly acknowledged the claims and said that the series of messages is hidden inside a file called “Stubs.dll”, which is a part of the anti-cheat system of VALORANT.

The cheating problem still haunts most competitive FPS titles of the current age like CSGO or Call of Duty. Not only the efforts of Riot into developing their anti-cheat system Vanguard to combat the cheaters is commendable, but these efforts combined with the hefty punishments on cheaters are certain to give VALORANT an edge over its competitors in the genre.

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