PMWL Super Weekend Day Two results

PMWL Super Weekend

Match One – Erangel:

It was very slow start to the first match of the day. Teams dropped to their loot locations and enjoyed the freedom of free loot. A few players were killed early on, but that’s granted in a battle royale game.

Zone massively shifted to the northern section, covering the probably biggest city in this map, Yasnaya Polyana. Yasnaya was distributed into two teams looting there but the size of city is so huge that they didn’t even engage with one another. TSM-Entity was one of the teams and they were in a good spot with a favourable zone.

Middle of this map, and players just go berserk. The kill feed was running and teams were taking heavy damage. Valdus Esports got eliminated quickly in this match, followed by Orange Rock. Orange Rock were actually in a good spot in the circle but dropped very early. Team Secret and Megastars had a good fight, one player from Megastars crawled next to BiuBiu from Team Secret and killed him. It was a rare and hilarious moment.

SKT T1, the goliath finally lived up to their name. With pin-point rotations and good coverfires, they made their way into the last circle and won the match. A good performance was seen from TSM-Entity and sets them back on track.

T1 won the map with 6 kills and 26 points. RRQ Athena came second with 8 kills and 22 points. TSM-Entity ranked third with 6 kills and 16 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

TSM-Entity and Reject Scarlett face off each other after a couple of loot and rotate-in circles. TSM-Entity wanted to push their opponents but it was a very poor rush, they openly crossed in a car and two members were instantly punished for this. Jonathan tried to disengage and run but got killed. TSM takes first exit on this map.

King of Gamers Club was being pushed by RRQ Athena, but it was stopped soon. King of Gamers Club kept hold onto their fortress and wiped RRQ very early on. Reject Scarlett and No Chance Team also takes an early exit.

As the zone shrinks in, teams start dropping out one after another. All of them tried to put up a good fight but fell short by some extent. BOX Gaming was having a good run but was stopped by SynerGE.

Bigetron RA had a good central position and a compound to their advantage. They racked up kills till the end. Luxxy from their team wiped out the entire SynerGE from his rooftop position. One last player from Team IND was doing heal battle and successfully got to second position.

Bigetron RA won the match with 9 kills and 21 points. Team IND ranked second with 3 kills and 17 points. SynerGE came third with 5 kills and 15 points.

Match Three – Miramar:

Miramar has a slow and steady start, as usual. The teams had liberty to loot their spots in peace. A few quick eliminations were seen but no big fights took place.

RRQ Athena and SynerGE had a fierce clash in a compound as both teams lost a couple of players. The fight came to stalemate soon as only some grenades were traded and small damage was chipped out. SynerGE later managed to trick RRQ and escape safely into the zone.

The zone heavily shifted into Los Leones city and quick rotations were seen as teams clustered into the big city. Yodoo Gank unfortunately took first exit from this match. Team Secret followed them as Celtz made a successful push onto them.

The circle heavily shifted out of the city soon and gave Orange Rock and Team IND a huge high ridge advantage. Orange Rock successfully eliminated IND and had the entire mountain for themselves. Teams were eliminated like flies in the last few minutes. Orange Rock successfully used their advantage and won this match.

Orange Rock won with 12 kills and 32 points. Valdus Esports came second with 6 kills and 20 points. BOX Gaming ranked third with 6 kills and 14 points.

Match Four – Sanhok:

The match started very hot as teams started fighting right at the start of the match. Some fierce fights were seen in various areas of the map. Teams like T1, Valdus Esports and RRQ Athena took heavy damage and lost their players in the start.

Orange Rock caught Team IND off-guard, knocked two of their players and they bleed out subsequently. Kratos finds Scout and instanly knock- finishes him in retaliation. Team IND left one man standing right at the start.

Bigetron RA were close by Orange Rock and punished them when they were going for a water rotation. A last player was left standing but was taken down soon. Teams like Team Secret, RRQ Athena and Orange Rock took an early exit from this match.

The circle blessed Team Megastars as they find themselves into central position of almost every zone. They hold their compound patiently and finally grab the victory. TSM-Entity performed well in this match as they take second finish with good amount of kills.

Megastars won the match with 10 kills and 30 points. TSM-Entity ranks second with 6 kills and 20 points. BOX Gaming came third with 7 kills and 14 points.

Match Five – Erangel:

The last match of day two of super weekend was intense right from the start. Team Secret and No Chance, after looting, clashed for the same compound and their stretched fight saw No Chance Team emerging victorious.

BOX Gaming followed the suit, as they lost two players early on and then were caught by Bigetron RA when they were rotating, and later eliminated. A three way fight broke out between IND, Orange Rock and T1 where T1 took a heavy damage and lost two men in the fight.

T1 was flushed out of that compound when Team IND pushed onto them. Team IND could not savour the victory as another team, Reject Scarlett push into the same compound and start the fight. Finally none of these teams made it out alive.

The last circle was entertaining to watch, as teams fought head to head. Bigetron RA was having a fight with Yodoo Gank and were eliminated by them. SynerGE took advantage of this and pushed them and won the match.

SynerGE won the map with 12 kills and 32 points. Yodoo Gank ranked second with 4 kills and 18 points. Bigetron RA finished third with 7 kills and 17 points.

Overall Standings:


Super Weekend day two went superb for Team Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena. They took big leaps into the score leaderboards and are slowly closing the gaps onto the top position. Yodoo Gank performed consistently but that dominance from yesterday was missing.

Five different teams won the matches today. This broke the Yodoo Gank win streak and helped others close the huge gap to a few points gap remaining. Team IND, Celtz and T1 were outstanding today. They are playing consistently, getting few kills per match and keeping the average points pretty high.

Orange Rock and SynerGE made steady improvements into their performance today. They both won one match respectively and climbed up the leaderboards by few ranks.

TSM-Entity performed better than yesterday and are again getting on the track. They did not get any win but were close to winning in two matches. Steady improvements by their side and hope it gets better tomorrow.

Team Secret, Reject Scarlett and No Chance Team runs on bottom positions at the end of second day. They have to buckle up and grab some wins tomorrow to get some better ranks.