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PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge: Everything you need to know


PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge is a new event in which famous influencers of PUBG Mobile and celebrities from around the globe will face each other in the ultimate show-match on 30 July. Top 32 celebrities are selected from a group of 64, which will play under 16 team captains elected. Everybody can vote for the team captain and their favourite team through a specific hashtag on twitter.

Mortal and Scout from India are chosen to be team captains. They will compete in the MENA region and both have a star studded team. Mortal will be accompanied with his teammates Viper and Regaltos. Scout will be teaming up with Jonathan and Dynamo. It is going to be a series of exciting matches.

An event is starting which is called as PUBGM Global Extreme Contest. In this contest, all the viewers who want to participate will have to show their support on twitter. Each team has their own hashtag and more information is provided in the campaign stage section.

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Participants in this Contest are divided into four (4) challenge regions. In addition, each of sixteen (16) celebrities will lead their own teams; four for each region. The Contest will be carried out in two Stages as further detailed below:

1. Campaign Stage:

During this Campaign Stage, players can make posts on Twitter with a special Hashtag(#) to vote for their favorite celebrity team. Whenever an entrant makes a post with the special hashtag, the corresponding celebrity team will gain one vote. The entrant can post any image alongside the hashtag to support their favourite team.

One entrant can make multiple votes. When the Campaign Stage ends on July 28, 2020, the team led by the celebrity with the highest number of votes in each region will gain 2 Global Extreme Challenge points which count toward the final Global Extreme Challenge score.

2. Competition Stage:

 Each team will compete in three matches in the Game within their respective division. Teams will have earned Global Extreme Challenge points based on how many Twitter votes they received.

Teams will earn additional Global Extreme Challenge points based on their ranking in each match as well. The team with the most Global Extreme Challenge points after all three matches have been completed will be deemed the winning team of the division.

The celebrity leader of the winning team will choose three lucky entrants and they will win some in-game rewards for contributing their vote. The prize is not going to be any monetary gift but a in-game item with a retail value of almost $20 per item.

You can show your support to fellow Indian teams by tweeting their hashtags. Team Scout has “#pubgmxchallenge10” hashtag and Team Mortal has “#pubgmxchallenge9” hashtag. Do show your support to your favourite teams.

You can vote for your favourite teams by clicking here

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