Japan is famous for quite a lot of things already. This stunning country in East Asia has a number of noticeable things, from the iconic Mount Fuji to the notorious Yakuza and now it opens its doors for the first esports hotel of the country, known as “e-ZONe Cyber Space”.

e-ZONe Cyber Space is located in Nipponbashi district in Osaka’s Naniwa Ward and it lets players game and then stay in for the night. Obviously, with the ongoing travel restrictions around the globe, the e-Zone Cyber Space is a dream hotel for the gamers and looks like a must-visit destination once the dust settles in.

Having a look at the building, it has a modern and aesthetic approach to lure gamers in.

The whole building consists of 9 floors in all, of which first three will be gaming dedicated floors powered with high-end spec gaming PC’s, each rig built with a vision of not compromising when it comes to gaming, be it casual or professional gaming.

The first floor is a powerhouse of gaming and is the floor where major events and tournaments will be carried out. Whereas the third floor is the place where community space and vending machines are located which can be utilised for break time of oneself.

Moving upwards, fourth to sixth floors are the floors where the capsule-like beds are located for male customers with just enough space for the luggage of oneself apart from the space to sleep.

The seventh floor is about nourishment, no disturbance and all private with a comfy ambience where each room is fully equipped with a high-end gaming PC. The customer can opt for either of the setups available off two, one for casual gamers and other for professional esports players. Heading to the Eighth floor, it is a female-only floor, restricted to female gamers.

Located in Osaka, this hotel has added another charm to the city and certainly an interest for gamers where they can choose to game and stay in into a traditional room stay or capsule-like bedroom as per their choice.

About the pricing: e-ZONe Cyber Space accommodations range as low as US$9 (JP¥1000) while can go up as high as US$75(¥8000) per night.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, precaution measures are taken by the staff at the hotel, customers with cough or fever are not allowed in and because of the already on-going travel bans prices are discounted quite a lot too to attract more customers. Make sure one checks local restrictions and then plan the visit to this first esports hotel of Japan.