Riot Vanguard bans 3700+ cheaters in VALORANT using premium and paid cheats

The cheaters seem to have paid more than $100 for their cheats.

Photo: Dexerto

Ever since the early beta stages of VALORANT, Riot Games had promised an advanced anti-cheat system for their competitive shooter which would keep VALORANT’s cheater count in check, and it’s evident that Riot is delivering their promise as repeated events of cheaters getting banned surface.

Previously, there have been instances of cheaters complaining about permanent HWID they were getting due to cheating in the closed beta stages of the game. This time, once again another ban wave seems to have hit VALORANT as cheaters have started saying that cheats which cost over $100 were detected by Vanguard, which resulted in more than 3700 getting banned from the game.

On July 2nd, Anti-Cheat Police Department shared screenshots through Twitter showing the messages of several VALORANT cheaters in a discord server.

The screenshots show the cheaters complaining about Vanguard and stating that many of them got banned from the recent ban wave. 

Anti-Cheat Police Department mentions that over 3700 people got caught in the ban wave, who’ll be unable to play the game unless they buy a new computer, a hefty price to pay for cheating in a video game.

This comes after a tweet from Riot Vanguard, which states about a new update shipped to the game which would notify players when a reported cheater gets banned.

These steps taken by Vanguard to curb the number of cheaters and measures as drastic as permanently hardware banning cheaters from VALORANT will undoubtedly go a long way in securing the future of VALORANT as an esport, and as a competitive game in general. Since most other competitive FPS titles have a cheater problem, this will also make VALORANT an attraction for casual and hardcore players alike.