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Riot Games announces a support program for Korean VALORANT organizations

Since notable organizations like Cloud9 and T1 pulled out their Valorant rosters from the South Korean scene, the latter seems to be in a bad shape with their fates pondering around for the future.

After the conclusion of Valorant’s first strike, many teams did let go their rosters in the Korean territory amidst of a new potential rule being inculcated which would put a stop for the organizations to run more than a single competitive VALORANT team.

Cloud9 recently parted ways with its roster which was led by Son ‘Xeta’ Seon-ho followed by the recent disbandment of T1 which is rumoured to have met the same fate.

In response to the above mentioned situations, Riot games have decided to take a stand in a bid to support these players who fell victims to the recent roster moves.

The game developer has launched a new support program, ‘VALORANT Esports Team Support Program’ which would offer extra monetary incentives, up to ₩50,000,000 KRW (approximately $45,000 USD) for the Korean organizations only if they met these certain requirements mentioned below.

1. The organization must have 5 players along with a coach signed.
2. The respective team should advance to the Challengers finals once per stage, or each time they are held.
3. They should have a mandatory bootcamp/ Gaming house aka training area along with a team setup.
4. The organization should have an active YouTube/ Twitch channel or any other social media account.

With only several big organizations, specifically Vision Strikers, TNL Esports, and SeolHaeOne Prince, left in the Korean VALORANT scene, this proposed program might see an exponential rise in the plausibility for other teams in the Professional scene.

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