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Valorant First Strike closed qualifiers schedule announced


128 North American teams were cut short into 16 who made their way into the Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers. The 16 teams who came out on the top will be formulated into four groups where the top seed will grace the official First Strike tournament backed by Riot.

Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers Groups –

Every team in the final 16 have an equal opportunity to be the final four. TSM on paper has the easiest group with relatively lesser-known teams in Valorant, which is not the case for the three other groups. Group A boasting C9, 100Thieves, and Luminosity Gaming, all juggernauts of the industry. Group B and C share the same story with potent teams all across the board.

Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers Schedule –

The qualifier matches will follow a best-of-three for the winners while the losers will continue in the lower brackets to compete in the Qualified Finals. NSG will stream all of these matches on Twitch as well the offcial Valorant channel.

Snapshot Via VLR.gg
Snapshot Via VLR.gg
Snapshot Via VLR.gg
Snapshot Via VLR.gg
Snapshot Via VLR.gg

The top seeds will find themselves in the First Strike Main Event taking place in December. Teams reaching the 2nd seeds will get one more chance to qualify for the First Strike Main Event.

Group A Winners

Cloud9 Blue 2-0

100 Thieves 2-0

Luminosity 2-1

Group B Winners

Gen.G 2-1

Complexity 2-0

T1 to Lower Bracket – 2-0

At the time of this writing, both Cloud9 Blue and 100 Thieves have topped XSET and Luminosity respectively with a 2-0 scoreline. Over at the remaining two groups, Gen.G Esports faces Equinox Esports while T1 faces Complexity. With the growing Valorant scene in North America, the First Strike Closed Qualifiers will be action-packed with teams doing their best to edge each other out.

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