Riot and Bungie Suing Valorant Cheat Developers for Millions in Damages

Cheat distribution website GatorCheats is being sued by the devs behind Valorant and Destiny 2 for millions in damages.

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The problem of cheating in online video games is one of the major aspects that developers often find themselves struggling to counter. While Riot Games had promised a world-class anti-cheat system for their competitive shooter Valorant, it seems like modern cheat developers are becoming a cause of concern for them. 

Riot has teamed up with Bungie to take actions against one such cheat distribution website – GatorCheats, that provides players with cheats for Valorant and Destiny 2 for a price ranging from $90 per month to $500 for a lifetime subscription. 

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As initially reported by Polygon, Riot and Bungie raised a complaint in the court of California claiming that the damages done by GatorCheats “may amount to millions of dollars.”


“Cheating undermines a game’s competitive integrity and erodes community trust,” a Riot spokesperson told Polygon. “Riot is wholly committed to upholding these values for its players, so when we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them.”

This isn’t the first time GatorCheats is under fire from Bungie. The company behind Destiny 2 had previously issued a cease and desist to GatorCheats following which it shut down their website but continued supporting the cheating system for those who already purchased it.

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It’s also being suspected that the cheat developers are continuing to distribute their hacks through other platforms.

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