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How to add in-game friends in Free Fire

Free Fire is a popular battle-royale game and some of the basic features in this game might be quite confusing for the new comers. As the popularity of this game has been growing around the globe, the player base is rising steadily. If you are looking for ways to add teammates after the match ends, here is how to add friends in Free Fire.

Adding friends to any game is the basic and quite simple task but due to different publishers, each and every game has its own way of operating. This causes a lot of confusion to the players who are new to the game.

You can actually send a friend request to player after the matches end or when you visit their profile but another way of adding them is by search method.

This method is most commonly used to find players using their Free Fire ID. It is very simple to do so and you just need to follow these simple steps given below to add friends in Free Fire.

  • Click on the ‘Social/Friends’ icon on the main screen.
  • Open the ‘ADD’ tab.
  • Click on the search bar and type in the Free Fire ID or their in-game name.
  • Once an account appears, click on the ‘+’ symbol to send a friend request.

By following these steps, one can easily add friends. It is a very simple task so just search for the players you want to add to your friend list and you are good to go.

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