Ibai opens up about Twitch ban


Former Spanish League of Legends streamer Ibai ‘Ibai’ Llanos has revealed why he was handed a Twitch ban; and the reason will shock you.

Ibai was handed a twitch ban for at the time undisclosed reasons like it usually is with Twitch . Fans speculated multiple reasons behind Twitch deciding to hand a ban to him, but certain was established, at least not before Ibai himself disclosed Twitch’s reasons.

Ibai, in a Tweet explained what exactly happened, according to him, during a game of country guessing game ‘Geoguesser’, a player joined with a picture of a penis in their profile picture.

"People I'm banned one day from Twitch because a kid decided to join a game of Geoguesser (country guessing game) with a profile picture penis and the name "Ibaibaneado" From here I wanted to thank the kid for this act he had to give me a day off" read his Tweet.  

It is clear that the violation was unintentional was done inadvertently, thus making his stay away from Twitch all the more unreasonable.

Although he took this ban in a cheerful spirit, thanking the kid for forcing a vacation through unconventional methods. Twitch however clarified that the ban will be lifted within 24 hours, before acknowledged the twisted situation.

Its a bit of relief for his fans now that they have a definite return date. However, intentional or not, the ban will be counted while dealing with any future bans thus we are yet to see of Twitch will actually keep this off the record.

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