How to Boost Yourself Up Using Jett’s Dash in Valorant

Here's how Valorant players can boost themselves up in the air using Jett's Dash.

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Jett is currently one of the most popular duelists in Valorant due to her agile nature and relatively simple, but effective skill set. However, Jett players are continuing to find more and more complex ways to use the South Korean agent, as evident from the new trick found by a Valorant player who found a way to propel Jett up in the air not using her Uplift, but her Dash instead. 

As shared by Reddit user ‘venusvenice’ through his post, using Jett’s basic ability at specific walls and edges will allow her to propel herself in the air without requiring an Updraft usage.

The Valorant player has also demonstrated the method by showing some locations to utilize the newly found trick. The video discloses a number of spots on Ascent to gain enemy information or some quick kills with this boost combined with an updraft or two. 

However, getting kills with this method requires Jett’s ultimate since the chances of getting airborne kills at long distances with weapons are extremely low. 

It’s still uncertain if this truck is simply a bug or an intended feature by the developers.

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