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Valorant players are reporting a massive rise in the number of Cheaters in the Game

Valorant Players Raise Repeated Complaints About Rising Number of Cheaters.

Recently, several Valorant players have been actively complaining about the massive wave of cheaters appearing repeatedly in ranked matches.

Players have taken over Twitter & Reddit by large and are complaining to Riot about the sudden wave of cheaters in official games.

The cheaters are worsening the matchmaking experience for everyone and in the case of competitive titles like Valorant, even a slight disadvantage results in loss of match which in-turn affects player ranks.

Competitive games are usually the prime targets for these cheaters and as expected, Valorant isn’t safe from their grasp either. Even Vanguard, Valorant’s firewall against such threats is failing to detect these cheaters.

Before the launch of Valorant, Riot touted Vanguard as one of the best anti-cheat programs, but with the recent rise in the number of blatant cheaters roaming around in match servers, the efficiency of the cheat-detection procedure is now in question.

According to the Valorant community on Reddit, cheaters are mostly present in high ranked matches and are playing in groups.

Some players also reported seeing these cheaters with high ranks playing in low ranked lobbies to boost players of lower rank.

However, even after so many complaints, the lack of decisive action from Riot is allowing the cheaters to fool the anti-cheat system with ease.


Riot is yet to comment on anything about this recent wave of cheating cases & allegations. Riot might be working on a quick anti-cheat update which might fix the cheating issue to some degree until a more thorough update is worked on.

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