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PUBG Mobile: PMGC Finals Peak Viewership crosses 3.7M mark


PUBG Mobile has reached a historic landmark in mobile esports industry. This esports title has managed to reach a peak viewership of almost 3.8 million in the first round of PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 Grand Finals. This feat has been achieved after Tencent collaborated with Nimo TV to provide an in-game live streaming feature.

According to Esports Charts, the peak viewership for the first match of PMGC Season 0 Finals was 3,801,998. This is the highest watching ever for any PUBG Mobile Esports event till date and is almost doubled the value of previous landmark. PUBG Mobile was expected to make a big impact with this tournament but the scale is much larger than expected.

The tweet has mentioned that the viewership reached a total of 3.7M but the updated statstics on the website revealed that it actually breached the 3.8 Million mark. The snippet of the count is given below:

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship or PMGC is the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile Esports and it is a gathering of elite teams from different regions who are fighting to grab the large amount of $700,000 and the bragging rights of the winning spot. To watch them fight, a large audience is bound to gather but the amount has surpassed every expectation.

The traditional viewership considered from a combination of YouTube and Facebook Gaming only reaches up to 860,000+ but the new mode of viewing through the game itself has been the game changer here. Nimo TV doesn’t show the actual viewership but measures it in their own metric named ‘Hotness’. The Liquipedia Editor, Memphiz, clarified this confusion and it was uncovered that the Esports Charts has an access to the API of in-game streaming service and hence, they claim that the numbers are accurate.

The influence of an in-game stream with partnership with popular streaming site has been very helpful for the PUBG Mobile as the viewership has grown exponentially after the implementation of this service. This milestone was reached on the very first day and it will be interesting to see if some records are broken in the upcoming matches or not.

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