Overwatch Developer Update: Kanezaka Added To Overwatch PTR

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Through an announcement yesterday, Blizzard has introduced a new map to the Overwatch Public Test Region, and this has got the Overwatch community hyped. The new map named ‘Kanezaka’ is a free-for-all map in Overwatch featuring an interesting design.

Alongside a great view and level design, the new map also features a night club and a cat cafe.

overwatch developer update

Kanezaka is located in Japan and next to Hanamura, one of the first few maps in Overwatch.

Currently, players have to opt into the PTR to try out this new map. The official release of Kanezaka is scheduled to be in January 2021.

Other than the announcement of this new map, Game Director Jeff Kaplan also shared updates regarding the development of Overwatch 2. Fans can expect to hear some more news regarding the issues in February 2021.

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