Orange Rock steals the crown from GodLike – PMPL SA Week 2 Day 1 Recap

SynerGE enters the top 3.

Week 2 of PMPL SA commenced on Sunday with twenty top South Asian teams fighting for the PUBG mobile world league slots and the weekly prize money. Week 1 of the tournament finished with GodLike at the top of the leaderboard. 

Overall Standings

Day 1 of week 2 saw Orange Rock overtaking Godlike on leaderboard. Orange Rock now stands at #1 in points table with 290 points in 21 matches. GodLike slipped down from #1 to #2 on the leaderboard after day 1 of week 2. GodLike holds the second position in the leaderboard with 260 points in 17 matches. It is worth noticing that GodLike has played four matches less than Orange Rock. SynerGE is the new entry in the top 3 as it stands at #3 on the leaderboard with 255 points in 21 matches. 

Match-wise Result

  • Match 1 – Erangel – WWCD : Fnatic (9 kills)
  • Match 2 – Sanhok – WWCD : TeamIND (9 kills)
  • Match 3 – Miramar – WWCD : Orange Rock (7 kills)
  • Match 4 – Vikendi – WWCD : INES (9 kills)
  • Match 5 – Sanhok – WWCD : SynerGE (6 kills)

Kill Leaders

Seervi from SynerGE holds the top position in kill leaders with 34 kills. He is followed by MegaVeXe with 34 kills as well. VeXe stands at #2 because he dealt less damage to his enemies than Seervi. SGEaustinX stands at #3 in kill leaders with 30 kills. The kill leader of week 1, SmxkieOp,  is missing in the list because he only played one match and died early.

GodLike can easily manage to overtake OR as it has played fewer matches. TSM Entity disappointed its fans today too. The best it could do was to finish a match at third spot. SouL played well in match 4 as it got second spot in the match. Fnatic finished most of its matches in the top spots and ascended on the leaderboard. TeamIND despite getting a chicken dinner slipped down as they died in the other matches early. Megastars seems to make a comeback in the top spots as its gameplay was consistent.